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The year draws to a close – our summary

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Erasmus + and european solidarity corps projects at fuu sachsen ggmbh 2021, like 2020, was dominated by Corona. Things changed, hugs were missing and are still missing, international meetings took place only sporadically. Corona is and remains a challenge for each and every one of us, whether privately or professionally. In 2022, it will continue to be so. That is …

International summer months

fuu.International Automotive Technology, Business and administration, Gastronomy, General information, Traineeships, Training Centres

Finally it became international again The international groups arrived in the month of June and July. Besides Buzau/Romania, participants and teachers arrived from Sandanski/Bulgaria, KABA/Slovakia and Vsetin/Czech Republic. The girls and boys from Buzau completed their two-week internship at our gastronomic partners – Monk, Feel Good, Chamber of Crafts, our own canteen. Furthermore, the participants worked at the Chemnitz Hairdressers’ …

Three months in chemnitz

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Our graduates from Vsetin/ Czech Republic SOŠ Josefa Sousedíka Vsetín : The two boys deepen their skills and knowledge in a three-month internship. They complete the internship at A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger . The graduates arrived on 14.09.2020. Until mid-December it is called screwing, repairing, turning and tyres in the car workshop.

Cosmeticans, sellers and graphic designers from Teplice, Czech Republic

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Say “Hello” to 13 girls and 2 boys from Teplice, CZ. They arrived together with their teachers on January 19, 2020. The group is devided up in three small groups. One group of seven girls was doing an internship in the guild “Friseur- & Kosmetik-Innung Chemnitz“, the three students from group number two were in different “Penny”-markets and five girls …

Erasmus+ “European Vocational Placements in Tourism, Sport and Health ”

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Five girls from Vocational College META Don Bosco, Budapest/HU came to us to do an internship in a nursing home from 22.06 to 14.07.219 (Project number 2018-1-HU01-KA102-047142). They learn the profession of a nurse – a profession which is needed all over Europe.  They worked in the “Seniorenresidenz und Pflegeheim Chemnitz SenVital”, where they worked in various residential areas during …

Die Gruppe "Fundacion Ideo" in Dresden


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A group of 10 future cooks from „The Fundación Canaria de Juventud Ideo“ / Tenerife / Spain arrived on Monday, 1st of July 2019 within the frame of the project “Erasmus+”. This is a project for VET learners and staff mobility called “DUNA” (PROJECT NUMBER: 2018-1-ES01-KA116-046889). They do internships for 21 days in different restaurants in Chemnitz. Learning languages while …