Social Professions

Social pedagogy - social care
Educator with child in a nursery school

Improve your skills

Our training centre at the Elsa-Brändström-Schule (School for Social Services) offers you several courses in the fields of social care and education.

Our courses combine practical and class-based learning and help you to develop subject-specific skills and knowledge in the social / socio-pedagogical field.

Erweitern Sie Ihre Fähigkeiten

Unser Trainingszentrum an der Elsa-Brändström-Schule für Sozialwesen bietet Ihnen verschiedene Kurse in den Bereichen Sozialassistenz und Erziehung an.

Unsere Kurse kombinieren praktisches und klassenbasiertes Lernen und helfen Ihnen, fachspezifische Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse im sozial- und sozialpädagogischen Bereich zu erwerben..

Occupational fields

  • Educational child care service
  • Nursery School / Pre School
  • Care and support of people with and without disabilities
  • Residential and nursing homes for people in need of care


  • Pädagogische Kinderbetreuung
  • Kita, Kindergarten, Vorschule
  • Betreuung und Unterstützung von Menschen mit und ohne Behinderung
  • Wohn- und Pflegeheime für betreuungsbedürftige Menschen

Tailor made training

Our training courses are available in different formats and can be tailored to meet the special needs of the group. They are suitable for all abilities from basic beginners to advanced level.

If you would like to combine or change different topics, please do not hesitate to contact us. Bespoke trainings can be arranged to suit your requirements.

Maßgeschneiderte Schulungen

Unsere Schulungen werden in verschiedenen Formaten angeboten und können auf die speziellen Bedürfnisse der Gruppe zugeschnitten werden. Sie eignen sich für Anfänger bis hin zu Fortgeschrittenen.

Wenn Sie verschiedene Themen kombinieren oder ändern möchten, kontaktieren Sie uns. Die Schulungsinhalte können nach Ihren Wünschen zusammengestellt werden.

Training contents (e.g.)

  • Overview: the vocational training to become a "State-certified social care assistant (m/f)" and a "State-recognised educator (m/f)" in Germany.
  • Working as an educator in Germany. Which competences are required?
  • The Saxon Education Plan - the legal basis for educators in day nurseries
  • Emotional Bonding - The Basis for Resilience
  • From "Friedrich Fröbel" to the "Situational Approach" - concepts of pedagogical action in regional day-care centres
  • School Readiness and willingness to attend school - Registration and assessment of the necessary competences of children
  • Observation as a basis for social action - observation instruments and procedures
  • Resource-oriented documentation of educational processes
  • The world is a stage: What role do I play in it? About the role of the educator in modern societies.
  • Conflict resolution methods
  • Learning theories and their practical application in educational process
  • Planning and implementation of educational programmes
  • Special features of early childhood education - Practical examples from six areas of education
  • Authoritarian vs. authoritative parenting - How much guidance do children need?

Company / Organisation visits

Professional visits give the trainees insights:

  • into the corporate structure,
  • the workflows and processes and
  • into everyday working life.

Trainees gain a realistic insight into the working environment.

If you wish, we organise visits to companys and organisations in addition to the practical training.

If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us.
Wenn Sie Fragen haben, zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.
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