fuu saxony goes on ESC (European solidarity corps)

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Yesterday, 21.02.22, our participants for the ESK (European Solidarity Corps) arrived in Chemnitz. For 12 months Cemal Can Erdem, Vasco Almeida, Selina Sefiha Saygili will work with us in fuu sachsen ggmbh in different areas.
Cemal will work in the after-school care center Schönau, with Mrs. Zolkos. He comes from Turkey and has already worked there as a volunteer with children and young people in the area of sports – primarily soccer.
Vasco comes from Portugal and supports the international area at Mrs. Weinhold-Leiser. In his home country he worked at the university for the Erasmus exchange on university level.
Selina also comes from Turkey and works in the Benedict School area in Zwickau. She would like to learn more about the German system in terms of social and professional integration of people with a migration background in order to integrate it into Turkish politics.
All have arrived well and are looking forward to their time with us. Until 20.02.22 the three are here on site. The three have to get used to our temperatures, but first. But already a serious difference to Turkey and Portugal.
We wish good luck, lots of fun and great, new impressions.

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