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The year draws to a close – our summary

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Erasmus + and european solidarity corps projects at fuu sachsen ggmbh

2021, like 2020, was dominated by Corona. Things changed, hugs were missing and are still missing, international meetings took place only sporadically. Corona is and remains a challenge for each and every one of us, whether privately or professionally. In 2022, it will continue to be so. That is clear. However, it does us all no good to lose hope. We must look ahead, gather our thoughts and stick together. Especially during this time, we as fuu sachsen ggmbh have been shown a great deal of understanding by our partners. Understandably so, because we all have the same issues to deal with. But of course no if. This year we were happy about every single participant in erasmus + projects and could use the time to develop ourselves further, through the recognition as a lead organization in the European Solidarity Corps.

The participants of our eleven projects came from the European countries Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Lithuania. In total there were 135 participants in the field of Erasmus + vocational training. They completed internships and seminars as well as practical training in the fields of economy, logistics, hairdressing and cosmetics, automotive and gastronomy. We integrated them not only in our own workshops and specialized cabinets, but also in catering establishments – MONK, FG Kantine, Kantine Elsa, Feel Good -, ATU Chemnitz and Frisör-und Kosmetikinnung Chemnitz. In addition to the professional experience and knowledge, the cultural understanding may not be missing with us. So, if the corona rules allowed it, we made excursions to Dresden, Leipzig, Zwickau, visited the museum SMAC, the Industrial Museum and August Horch and the Transparent Factory.

It was nice to have again other languages and people in the premises, to exchange with them and to gain new experiences. We are impressed by the international work, especially the rapid growth in terms of self-confidence, independence and self-esteem in the short time. To feel this is not comparable with any virtual mobility.

I heard someone say just the other day “It doesn’t matter whether the glass is half full or empty, what matters is that it contains anything at all.”

We are looking forward to each and every one of you next year, old and new partnerships, the first participants of the European Solidarity Corps and great moments with you.

Stay healthy and thank you for a special year 2021.